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We deliver quality meals from over 100 great restaurants in the Atlanta area right to your
home, office or hotel.

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What we do!

When it comes to urban living, most people can sum it up in one word: hectic. Working, taking the kids to this appointment
and that, trying to squeeze in time to take care of normal household responsibilities. This makes finding the time to grab
a bite to eat difficult at best. So, what is a busy professional like yourself supposed to do when lunchtime rolls around
and you’re stuck at the office trying to meet another crazy deadline?
You order yet another delivered pizza or you do something different and place an order with Mobile Waiters Atlanta.

Mobile Waiters Atlanta is a food delivery service that strives to make your life just a little bit easier by bringing your
lunch of dinner to you, wherever you are. Mobile Waiters Atlanta will take your order either over the phone or online and
pick up your meal from any number of local restaurants in the Atlanta area. Delivering it to you hot and delicious, freeing
you up to enjoy a little downtime.

This is truly a revolutionary way to enjoy the convenience of traditional delivery service without having to have your
choices limited to just Papa Johns, Chinese takeout or fast food. Simply order online or pick up the phone and call in what
you want. It’s really that easy.

Mobile Waiters Atlanta currently offers delivery service from over 100 restaurants in and around the Atlanta area and
ensures that the meals you receive are hot and delicious, just like it would be if you had gone out and eaten at the
restaurant yourself.

So, the next time you find yourself in a bind and don’t have the time to pick up a meal at your favorite restaurant, don’t
shortchange yourself and simply order the usual pizza or Chinese takeout. Call Mobile Waiters Atlanta today @ 404-252-1313
or visit http://mobilewaitersatlanta.com. From there you can choose you zipcode and be directed to the appropriate web site
to order you food.  http://www.mobilewaitersatl.com or http://www.mobilewaitersvin.com

Order now and get the high quality, delicious meal you want without sacrificing time or convenience. Don’t wait.

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Delivery Areas

MobileWaiters delivers food to the the following areas:

Delivery Areas

MobileWaiters delivery food to the following areas:
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